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The Institute for Molecular Virology is a research institute administered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of the Vice Chancellor for Reasearch and Graduate Education (OVCRGE). The IMV has a mission to conduct research and training in the area of virology, primarily at the molecular level, and to serve as the coordinating focus on the UW-Madison campus for research and training in virology.

Virology Training Opportunities: The faculty research programs at the IMV provide world-class training opportunities for research workers at the postdoctoral level and also for research students at the pre-doctoral and undergraduate levels. Most faculty are members of an interdiscliplinary post-doctoral training program in virology and participate in several pre-doctoral training programs. Specific affiliations are listed on the IMV Faculty Training Affiliations page of this web site.

Campus Affiliations: The Institute is not a degree granting administrative unit and offers no courses. However, each professor holds a joint appointment in a University department, participates in that department's teaching program, and supervises graduate students who conduct their research at the Institute. The IMV is the administrative home for the NIH Molecular Biosciences Training Grant (MBTG), the Biophysics Graduate Degree Program, and the Interdepartmental Molecular Virology Program.

Facilities: The IMV is housed in the R.M. Bock Laboratories on the UW-Madison campus. Correspondence should be directed to the Administrative Offices at:

413 R.M. Bock Laboratories
1525 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1596
608-262-4540, 608-262-4570/fax

or to the current Chair: Prof. Paul Friesen