Biochem 660: Molecular Graphics (mod)
Fall semesters, part of 2 cr course
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Course description

This module is part of Biochemistry 660, Biochemical Techniques, a required element in the IPiB Graduate Degree curriculum. Mid-semester during 660, the class will spend five to six, 2hr periods in CALS Computer Lab (150 Animal Sciences Bld) with instructors. The topics are designed to familiarize students with useful computational methods in molecular graphics, presentation graphics, publication graphics and basic elements of bioinformatics.

The required lab periods include hands-on instruction in: PyMol, QuickTime, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint and DNAStar Lasergene. An additional class session will evaluate student posters that result from the lab sessions.

This 660 module may NOT be taken separately. Student performance in this module is worth part of the 2 cr 660 grade. Computer lab sessions will be held 1:20-3:30 PM during a 4-6 week period, mid/end-semester. Check "Current Syllabus" for specific dates and times



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