Biochem 910: Molecular Virology (seminar)
Thurs. 12:10-1:00, 1cr, Fall/Spring semesters
1112 Biochemistry (BSB)

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Course description

The Advanced Molecular Virology Seminar series had been held on the UW-campus each fall/spring semester for the past 30 years. Not only does this course provide an excellent venue for advanced graduate students to present their work to an audience of their peers, the series typically host an outstanding roster of invited speakers, scientists, postdocs and local faculty who discuss the latest developments in the field of virology. All members of the campus community are invited to attend.

Students with an interest in virology are especially encouraged to enroll for credit during each semester of their graduate careers. During semesters when they present, they will be assigned letter grades. Other semesters (attending), will be graded on the S/U system.

The 910 coordinators rotate each year from among the faculty of the Institute for Molecular Virology. See E-mail links (left) to contact the current coordinator (For '17-18: Nate Sherer).



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Inst. for Mol. Virology
UW Virology Program
UW McArdle Seminars

Paul Ahlquist
Paul Friesen
Rob Kalejta
Ann Palmenberg
Nathan Sherer

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