Biochemistry 660, Molecular Graphics Module

This course is designed as a hands-on laboratory to acquaint you with fundamental practices in molecular graphics and professional presentation graphics. Practice outside of class is essential, but there is absolutely no way you can learn this stuff if you're not at the lab. Consequently, attendance at the labs (which will start on time), will weigh strongly in the assignments of grades for this module of 660. There will be between 3-4 faculty/staff involved in each session and the labs cannot be made up at an alternative time. If professional or personal circumstances necessitate your absence, please have the courtesy to notify Dr. Palmenberg ahead of time and be prepared to explain your absence.

Each student individually:

It is assumed that an average grade in this module will be "B." The grade will be based on:

Click here for: My Molecule Presentation Instructions


My Molecule Poster Instructions

In collaboration with student partner(s):

The same groups of partners, using (essentially) the same graphics created for the oral presentations, should now arrange their collected graphic materials in the form of a poster. The Biochem Media Center will provide more information (during lab 2?) on how to do this, and the resources available within the Department. On Dec 14, these posters must be ready for class viewing. They will be displayed in the Biochem Atrium, and the class as a whole will meet there for viewing and a discussion of effective poster display techniques, using these posters as examples.