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We anticipate initiating an international search for a new virology faculty colleague within the next few months.  Please check back for updates.


Graduate students may enter the labs of IMV faculty from various PhD programs that the faculty member is affiliated with as an approved trainer (e.g. Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP), Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB), Cancer Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology (CMB), and others). Joining a lab is managed through a process of in-lab rotations during the first semester of graduate school. Prospective students should check with the PhD programs of interest to learn the specific details of the lab selection process.


Postdoctoral positions become available based on programmatic need in the individual laboratories and may not be openly advertised. Scientists seeking a postdoctoral position with an IMV faculty member should contact the faculty member directly to learn about potential opportunities. The IMV faculty and their informational web sites at 


Staff positions are listed on the UW Jobs site, ,when there is an open position.


Undergraduate students interested in laboratory assistant positions are appointed on a paid hourly basis or on a for academic credit basis in programs that have a requirement for lab experience. The interested student should contact the faculty member directly to learn about opportunities and set up an interview.