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 send mail to Ahlquist    Paul Ahlquist

Professor: Molecular Virology, Plant Pathology, Oncology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Research: RNA-based pathways underlying the replication and and evolution of positive-strand RNA viruses. Virus Systems: brome mosaic virus, flock house virus. Links: CMB and McArdle Page

send mail to Friesen    Paul Friesen

Professor: Molecular Virology (Chair), Biochemistry. Research: molecular biology and pathogenesis of eucaryotic DNA viruses. Virus Systems: baculovirus. Links: Biochem Research Desc.

send mail to Kalejta    Rob Kalejta

Professor : Molecular Virology, Oncology Research: Viral regulation of cell cycling events. Virus Systems: cytomegalovirus. Links: Lab website, McArdle Page

send mail to Palmenberg    Ann Palmenberg   

Professor: Molecular Virology, Biochemistry. Research: Gene expression and pathogenesis of positive-strand RNA viruses. Virus Systems: RNA picornaviruses, Mengovirus, encephalomyocarditis virus. Links: Biochem Research Desc., HomePage with course links, Genetics Computing BioMod Courses

send mail to Scherer    Nate Sherer   

Associate Professor: Molecular Virology, Oncology. Research: HIV-1 assembly and spread; host-pathogen interactions; retroviral gene regulation; viurs trafficking; cell-cell communications; live cell imaging. Links: McArdle Page

send mail to Scherer    Robert Kirchdoerfer 

Assistant Professor: Molecular Virology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry. Research: RNA virus entry and RNA synthesis, cryo-electron microscopy. Virus Systems: coronavirus. Links: Biochemistry

send mail to Scherer    Kinjal Majumder

Assistant Professor: Molecular Virology, Oncology. Research: Virus-induced DNA damage signaling, DNA virus replication, chromosome conformation capture, oncolytic viruses, gene therapy. Virus Systems: parvovirus, DNA virusesMcArdle Page

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IMV Scientific Staff

send mail to Sgro    Jean-Yves Sgro

Sr. Scientist, "Virus World Images & Animations Database", Genetics Computing BioMod Courses, 

IMV Administrative Staff

send mail to Gordon-Walker    Kim Voss     Assistant Director

send mail to Nelson    Katherine Spenser    Financial Spec.

Bock Laboratories Staff

send mail to Chris Gradel    Marcia Gratz     Payroll & Benefits

send mail to Chris Gradel    Chris Gradel     Purch. Agent

send mail to Chris Gradel    Gary Hammersley     Instrumentation Specialist

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