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(VIPER) Virus Particle ExploreR Icosahedral virus structures, standardized 3D coordinates
The Picornavirus Home Page Lists of all picornavirus sequences, accession numbers, structures, family taxonomy, recent news and publications
Index Virum The Index Virum is a collection of index files that list all names of virus families, genera and species found in Virus Taxonomy: Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses
ICTV Home Page International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses. Inf from 7th Report
The Garry Lab's List of Virology Web Servers Comprehensive top 5% resource of on-line virology documentation
NIH Grants National Institutes of Health grants and funding opportunities
Atlas of Viral RNA Structures U Vienna compendium of RNA folds from viral RNA genomes
Universal Virus Database ICTV supported l isting of all known virus strains and their current taxonomy
Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Center Home Page A site of virological and other bioscientific information and related links
Biology Subject Guide Constructed by the UW-Madison Libraries, integrates electronic resources selected and/or licensed by UW-Madison with useful WWW resources on biology.
The Irish National Virus Reference Laboratory Home Page A national diagnostic virology service for Ireland and general virus and the infection information.