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Jean-Yves Sgro
Inst. for Mol.Virology
731B Bock Labs
1525 Linden Drive Madison, WI 53706
virusworld - Jean-Yves Sgro

Virology Links

  • Virus Capsid Images at UCSF
  • Viral capsids imaging by software Chimera
  • Different colors appear in the online poster version.
  • The Big Picture Book of Viruses
  • Comprehensive database of viruses including classifications and images
  • Viruses - From Structure to Biology
  • Sondra and Milton Schlesinger's American Society for Virology (ASV) site containing historical accounts in the form of interviews
  • The Foundations of Medical and Veterinary Virology: Discoverers and Discoveries, Inventors and Inventions, Developers and Technology Frederick A. Murphy (.doc and .ppt files)
  • Frederick A. Murphy's work for education.
  • Similar material available at:
  • At NCBI / UC-Davis- Downloadable Photographs, Graphics and Photoshop files
  • and Emerging Diseases and In Memoriam PowerPoint files
  • Animations Links

  • Landmark historical Art Olson movies of TBSV (1981) and poliovirus (1985)
  • New style studio animation from the Rossman's lab on Bacteriophage T4
  • Many other stunning molecular animations on viral structures and other molecular structures.
  • Rossman's Lab movies
  • All the T4 studio movies, rhinovirus, Rossman interview, Microviridae assembly.
  • Harvard Medical School Molecular and Cellular Dynamics
  • Simulated reovirus entry
  • Membrane proteins of Influenza virus
  • The 3 types of membrane proteins on Influenza are targets for drugs and the immune system.
  • Molecular Graphics Art

  • Art Olson's Molecular Graphics Laboratory at Scripps
  • David Goodsell
  • Paitings commissionned for the Biosites project gallery.
  • Molecule of the Month
  • The RCSB PDB Molecule of the Month by David S. Goodsell featured many virus capids and viral molecules over the years. 2009 featured Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
  • 2000: HIV-1 Protease
  • 2001: Poliovirus and Rhinovirus
  • 2003: Simian Virus 40
  • 2008: Dengue Virus
  • 2009: Influenza Neuraminidase
  • 2009: Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • "Other" Art

  • Gorge W. Hart (Stony Book, NY)
  • geometric sculpture and polyhedra.
  • George W. Hart on Wikipedia.
  • Luke Jerram

    Jerram by "The Scientist"

  • Shows images of amazing transparent glass virus sculptures.

    See the creation of a glass HIV virus (video):

  • 30 Computers
  • Sculptures, many in the shape of "viruses" (polyedra) made from 30 discarded PC computers.
  • 3D Molecules Lasered into Glass
  • Any molecule can be etched into a block of glass. An example of rhinovirus is shown on the gallery page.