Undergraduate students work on research projects in IMV labs for academic credit, or as paid hourly workers doing lab chores. Interested students should contact individual faculty members directly to inquire about opportunities.


UW–Madison graduate students are admitted into graduate programs where they do a series of three rotations and then select a laboratory to perform their thesis research. Faculty within the IMV are trainers in multiple graduate programs, including Cancer Biology (CB), Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB), the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP), and other department-specific programs. Interested students should obtain information from relevant graduate programs to ensure that IMV faculty are eligible trainers.


IMV faculty are almost always looking for talented, productive, dynamic, industrious, and self-motivated postdoctoral fellows. Interested students are encouraged to directly contact individual IMV faculty to inquire about postdoctoral positions in their lab.

Postdoctoral appointments may also be found on Jobs at UW > Postdoc Training.


Open staff positions can be found on Jobs at UW.